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Our company is a member of The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania and has been on the accounting services market for over 12 years. Our team is an advocate of quality services focused specifically on the organization and management of regular and forecast accounting in computerized environments.

By regular and forecast accounting services, as well as financial and accounting consultancy, we obtain relevant information which represents the foundation for our client’s efficiency, even in times of crisis. Our team considers it is more important to know how to properly estimate future results, than to measure the effects of past events and transactions.

We provide accounting services for companies in Romania, Italy, France, Belgium and Germany and we transfer data from the Romanian accounting into each country’s specific accounting.


Regular accounting

We offer accounting services for small, medium and large companies.

For small entities we provide full accounting services, from bookkeeping (invoices, receipts, bank statements, etc.) to statements and balance sheet. Monthly we have a meeting with the company’s management to discuss the patrimony’s condition and analyze income, expenses and results.

For medium and large entities we provide accounting services in the form of an integrated or semi-integrated system.

In the integrated system our permanent accounting department staff works full-time at the client’s headquarters while all the accounting closing procedures are performed by our company’s managers.

In the semi-integrated system the employees in the accounting department belong to the beneficiary, but our company ensures constant supervision of their financial and accounting work, performs the closing procedures, prepares and submits tax statements, as well as the balance sheet.

Forecast accounting

Our company is currently the sole provider of forecast accounting services in the market. Using a specific system, developed by ourselves, we offer forecast accounting services based on supporting documents (contracts, orders, etc.) or based on estimates, providing the customer with information on the expected cash flows, changes in assets, liabilities and equity, expected revenues, expenses and results. In this approach we use the entire instruments specific to accounting projects. This type of accounting is similar to regular accounting, but it transcribes future events and transactions into digits.

Under present conditions it is much more important to understand the future development of our company / business in order to make correct decisions, than to analyse the track records which is just a late acknowledgement of economic facts and events..

Accounting management

We provide financial and accounting department organization services consisting of:

  • drafting the financial and accounting department’s organizational chart

  • drafting job descriptions

  • drafting procedures regarding the circuit of the accounting and financial documents

  • drafting customized accounting monographs for each specific activity

  • determining the optimal information to be supplied regularly to other departments

We perform all these by working closely with the structure, organization and operation of the computer system / ERP used by the beneficiary.


We provide accounting revision services and we establish the accounting accuracy of values registered during specific operations: mergers, divisions, transfer of assets, transfer of capital, etc.

We provide expertise in determining the transaction value, the goodwill value, the value of debt and contingent claims.

These services are provided in collaboration with legal professionals and technical specialists depending on the project’s complexity.

Free accounting advice

We offer free advice in the fields of accounting organization and management, tax and in the choosing and implementation of financial and accounting systems / ERP systems.

For free advice please send inquiries to:

Assistance in the selection and implementation of information systems

We provide services for the selection of financial and accounting systems / ERP systems perfectly matching your company’s needs. In this respect we use performing selection criteria that ensure the election of an adequate system for your needs and expectations.

We also provide assistance in the implementation of the information systems, starting from the implementation itself and going on with drafting the procedure manual for workers and users of the implemented information system.

Financial management

We offer management services for receipts and payments with or without cash and with modern monitoring tools we draft the necessary documentation to access short, medium or long-term financial loans as well as short, medium and long-term capital investments.

We provide financial activity analyses regarding inventory, liquidity, solvency and profitability, and we determine the overall performance of your business using both financial and non-economic indicators. We have our own model for determining the overall performance for regular and future activity.


We offer consulting and training to help you organize and manage your company’s financial and business accounting in computerized environments. We also offer consulting and forecast accounting courses. The duration and price rates differ depending on customer requirements and the level of knowledge that that we start from in the process of learning / training.

Courses are delivered by specialists in computerized accounting.

To enrol yourselves into one of our courses please send full name and your interest for a regular accounting or forecast accounting course in computerized environments at:

Implementation of profit centres

We offer profit centres implementation services by modern methods of identifying revenue and expenditure and calculating production costs. We provide ongoing support to ensure the functionality of the implemented system.

Control and evaluation

We offer services regarding the control of accounting’s organization and management, identifying and assessing risks related to accounting’s organization and management.

We assist you during the process of inventory and background financial control.

Drafting of procedure handbooks

We draft personalized procedure handbooks for the organization and management of each company’s accounting system, adapted to our client's business: production, trade, services.


We provide strategic and operational controlling in order to coordinate all the processes of a company to reduce costs and payments, to maximize income and revenue and optimize the structure of assets, liabilities and equity.

Accounting expertise

We perform extra accounting expertise in all fields of business.


Our team operates under the direction of Associate professor Mr. Radu Danciu, PhD., specializing in computerized and forecast accounting and Mrs. Nicoleta Lucia Danciu chartered accountant with an extensive experience in organizing and managing accounting departments of small, medium and large entities.

To achieve complex projects our company works with higher education institutions, reputable companies specialized in the technical field and in evaluation, both in the country and abroad, particularly from Italy, France, Belgium and Germany.


Fees are determined according to the complexity of the required services. There are three types of fees:

  • subscription rate for permanent consultancy

  • revisable subscription rate for consulting and accounting services

  • service fees

For specific fees please ask for an offer by e-mail: offering a brief description of the requested service / services.



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